This is the CT section from QSS6. It was filmed over a couple weekends through out October and November. We’ve always watched Animal videos growing up and its an honor to be in there will all the OG’s. We wanna thank Animal for making it happen and huge thanks to Navaz for being the best filmer. Make sure you check out the whole video on , its got crazy parts from Benny L and Mark Gralla plus everyone else.

Matt Miller’s Section from the DVD is live over on The Come Up.

Brendon’s Part from our DVD is now live over on TCU. We realeased this online to coinside with Brendon making the Top 10 East Ams list over on The Come Up. Filming with Brendon is always pretty challenging because a majority of the clips in this part were first try, so it doesn’t really leave room for a filmer to ever make mistakes. Plus I wouldn’t want to try most of this shit more then once anyway. Cheers to BReith for always coming thru with amazing video parts.

The new Animal Bikes video is now online make sure you go check it Out. Benny L and Mark Gralla have two of the best video parts I’ve ever seen! Hoder does one of the craziest things the Streets of Philly have ever seen. And we have a setion that we worked on with Navaz for a couple months. Huge shoutout To Navaz for making it look good and Scerbo for making another classic.

TCU, Defgrip and BMX Union Reviews


Thanks to all the blogs for Reviewing the video and all the kind words you guys had for it. I don’t know why we’re just posting this now.



TCU Interview with Matt:


Matt’s Defgrip Disposable:

BMX Union:

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